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 The Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization.CCSD seeks to build a stable and just society where peace and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms prevail.

Since being established in 2011, CCSD has worked to build a stronger, more pluralistic civil society by supporting organizations and individuals.
CCSD does not endorse violence or aggression in any form or as a means of achieving its goals and objectives. We believe that dialogue and respect for diversity is the optimum way to realize the aspirations of those we work for and with. Accordingly, we consider that democracy is the only alternative to violence and is the best option for achieving justice, equality and freedom for all Syrian, no matter their gender or religious and ethnic affiliation.
In order to promote cohesive and tolerant societies where justice and equality prevail, we seek to promote human rights, and to make them the primary and main drivers of the diverse societies which we target through our work.
In our work, we adopt a human rights-based approach to women’s rights and gender equality, as CCSD strongly believes that democracy cannot be achieved without equality and gender justice.

Scope of Work

The contracted Researcher is expected to support the project in all research-related activities through ensuring efficient implementation of research and data analysis processes and systems in the office. The Researcher will be in charge of conducting various types of programme-related research through data analysis, questionnaire design, maintain the network of outside consultants/researchers and provide technical input and support on the day‐to‐day works related to research and assessment. The Researcher will also be required to contribute to the capacity building of the research interns/staff of the organization.
The main expected result of the successful candidate for the position of Researcher services is for all participant staff to increase their knowledge and skills in:

  • Designing the methodology of a research paper;
  • In coordination with M&E unit, design the data collection forms and templates;
  • Analyse the paper with programme teams and do fair edits;
  • Design of embedded research tools (focused discussion sessions, field interviews);
  • In coordinator with M&E unit training field researchers on the tools and mechanism of data collection;
  • Submit a proposal for the structure of the initial report;
  • Conduct data analysis and research reports;
  • Writing final results and related results.

Education and Experience

  • At least two years of professional research experience;
  • University degree in relevant field, or equivalent combination of relevant training and practical experience.


Travel in Turkey to meet staff and hold remote communication with field staff in the region is necessary.

Contract period

The successful contractor will render their services over a period of up-to one year (12 months).

How to Apply:

  • We continue to receive applications until Sunday July 7, 2019. Received offers will opened and analyze as they arrive.
  • The vacancy can be filled by an individual or a specialized company.
  • If you find yourself a match for these qualifications please press the icon to fill the application form.

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