1. Six Point Plan.

The Six Point Plan includes a number of realistic and useful points. The regime, the opposition and all external governments should commit to implementing its key elements. All parties must:
• Commit to working with the Special Envoy to address the legitimate aspirations and concerns of the Syrian people, and engage in the negotiating process in good faith;
• Commit to stop the violence and implement this through a sustained cessation of all forms of armed violence that is evident and visible to people on the ground and pulling back military concentrations from population centers. The UN should deploy sufficient support to supervise a comprehensive ceasefire. The regime and opposition groups must cooperate with the UN to enforce implementation;
• Agree and implement an efficient mechanism to allow humanitarian organizations to enter areas safely to deliver relief aid. The UN and external governments should contribute to the relief efforts by (i) providing aid, and (ii) guaranteeing supervision of the humanitarian mechanism and channels;
• Release immediately those arbitrarily detained persons who committed no violations but were involved in peaceful political activities or who were detained simply because of their social background or where they were from. These people should not be part of any bargaining process between the two parties; and
• Ensure safe and secure freedom of movement for journalists and CSOs throughout Syria.

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