In order to create significant change, civil society organizations must have precise, specific and long term strategic plans; these detailed plans and goals make us more capable of achieving the changes we desire.
From 2016 – 2017 CCSD has worked to develop our strategic plans and objectives. In the coming years, we will focus on the following issues:

Supporting political transition in
Syria and building sustainable peace
building the foundations of
social stability
strengthening human rights
charters and principles

Women for the Future of Syria

After the popular protest movement began in March 2011, Syrian women played an essential role as civil society activists by participating in peaceful demonstrations, building civil society organizations, delivering humanitarian assistance, as well as participating in negotiations with conflicting parties.


CCSD believes that governance cannot be achieved without transparency, accountability and citizen participation in decision-making. It is therefore necessary to work towards establishing transparent and accountable institutions that have legitimacy and to ensure that these institutions are subject to comprehensive

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is an essential element of stability, as well as being pivotal to achieving human and social advancement. It is a continuous process, taking various forms in order to improve and advance prosperity, stability and development in line with the needs of society as well as its economic, social and intellectual potentials.

Peace and Justice

Peace is at the forefront of the human values ​​that all people seek to secure. Peace, by simple definition, means the absence of conflict, violence and war. It is a state of tranquility. The term ‘peace’ is used as an antidote to war and acts of violence between individuals, classes of society or between competing states.

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