12. Human Rights and Equality

• Syria must comply with international standards and laws, especially all human rights standards and laws. Syria should remove any reservations it has recorded under any international human rights instruments. The international standards and laws should be incorporated into the national constitution and laws. Effective mechanisms should be instituted to ensure adherence to national and international standards and laws;
• Freedom of thought, religion and belief, movement, association and holding peaceful demonstrations should be guaranteed by law;
• Equal protection of the human rights, equality and inclusion of everyone must be incorporated into the national standards and laws. This must take account of the multiplicity of religions, sects and components, women’s rights, minority rights, rights of victims and those with disabilities, the rights of other marginalized groups and people, and linguistic rights;
• Include as part of the new legal and implementation mechanisms, a mechanism to engage with and consult with representatives of these different interest groups when designing laws, policies and programs;
• National laws should include both anti-discrimination legislation and promotion of equality legislation. Equality law should guarantee equality between individuals and between groups, and promote and protect equality of opportunity and chances for all no matter where they live and work in the state;
• Establish an independent Equality and Human Rights Commission; and
• Specific consideration needs to be given to addressing the legacy of the conflict in relation to (i) the human rights of victims; and (ii) the reintegration of prisoners.

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