13. Future Syria

• Syria should be one united country with a single constitution covering the whole country that guarantees the same rights and duties to everyone. The inclusion of all Syrian citizens in the future state should be guaranteed and underpinned by the constitution and a legal and policy framework and programs to deliver an inclusive and integrated society in which co-existence and cohesion flourish;
• Syria must be democratic and pluralist. Democratic and pluralist means the lasting commitment to multi-party democracy, and the continuing right of all to take part in elections fairly and equally without fear or intimidation. There must be separation of state and religion, in Syria as a whole and in all regions of the state, so that all people are free to practice their religions and traditions but not to impose these on others;
• Syria must commit to and set in place the laws, policies and mechanisms for the application of the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and accountable government;
• There should be freedom of association. The right to participate and have opportunities for development must be available for everyone. There should be policy and resources to support CSOs and build a healthy civil society. CSOs should have a key role in working with the new government to rebuild an inclusive, cohesive and integrated society;
• Syria must comply with international standards and laws, especially all international human rights standards and laws. Syria should remove any recorded reservations on any international human rights instruments. These international standards and laws should be incorporated into the national constitution and laws. Mechanisms should be instituted to ensure adherence to national and international standards and laws; and
• Incorporated into the national standards and laws must be equal protection of the rights and inclusion of everyone taking account of the multiplicity of religions, sects and components, women’s rights, minority rights, rights of victims and those with disabilities, the rights of other marginalized groups and people, and linguistic rights; and also protection for the promotion of equality of opportunity and chances for all no matter where they live and work in the state.

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