3. Role of External Governments

• Must work together to support the process for negotiating and implementing peace. They should (i) press the regime and the opposition to commit to and implement the Six Point Plan; (ii) use their influence on the parties to the conflict to bring them to the negotiating table and press them to come to a solution; (iii) put concerted (i.e. joint, determined and sustained) international pressure on all parties to implement all points of the political settlement when negotiated;
• Should stop providing weapons and military equipment to any party to the conflict. They should take decisive action to prevent the flow of arms, military equipment and foreign combatants across the borders into Syria; and
• Should priorities providing and delivering humanitarian assistance and facilitating the UN and CSOs to deliver relief aid safely within Syria. They should also support programs for Syrian refugees within their own countries. As the Syria works to move out of conflict they should financially assist programs to support and resettle people within Syria, including those who return from outside Syria. This support should include financial assistance for housing, health, education and social and economic regeneration as well as psychological support and trauma programs to deal with the consequences of the conflict.

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