The Center for Civil Society and Democracy with our partners work closely to monitor and assess the needs and the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the women and the civil society organizations and groups. The effects and the needs as a result of COVID-19 have affected the activities of the civil society organizations activities and opportunities of support and fund. Moreover, women have been additionally affected by COVID-19, since they are one of the most vulnerable groups in Syria. On that, CCSD assess the basic needs resulted by COVID-19 situation through conducting a series of dialogues, where 24 civil society organizations working in Syria and Turkey have been targeted as following:

  • Six organizations in Southern Syria
  • Seven organizations in Northwestern Syria
  • Four organizations in Turkey
  • Seven organizations in northeastern Syria

The report was built based on a participatory methodology, where the target groups were consulted to reflect their needs. The targeted groups have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • Organizations and groups working on women empowerment wither women led-organizations, or organizations which have women empowerment programs where the percentage of women being targeted to work on this file was 80%.

The discussion were focused on several aspects and points as clear in the attached report on the following topics:

  • The challenges facing women and organizations as a result to COVID-19
  • Best practices and recommendations of Syrian women and civil organizations to respond to COVID-19

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