5. Transitional Governing Body / National Dialogue / National Reconciliation

• The conditions for a neutral environment should put in place for a transitional period during which a National Dialogue process can be conducted. In addition to members of the regime and the opposition, independent figures from civil society should be part of the Transitional Governing Body (TGB). Women must be fully represented in the TGB (among all parties) and all aspects of the transition;
• The TGB should ensure that the conditions are strengthened for progress on the National Dialogue and a sustainable national reconciliation and peace building process. All parties in the TGB must commit (i) not to re-engage in violence; (ii) to consolidate a climate of safety, stability and calm throughout Syria; (iii) to implement all the points of the negotiating table settlement;
• Principles and guidelines for the operation of the TGB should be established during the negotiations and confirmed at the outset of the TGB. This should include mechanisms for coming to agreed decisions where there is conflict. International supervisors – the UN and the League of Arab States – should monitor the working of the TGB. An International Mediator(s) should be available to solve any problems between members of the TGB that threaten to derail the process as it progresses;
• There should be an agreed timescale for the TGB’s work on the National Dialogue process. This should be a realistic timescale that takes account of reviewing the constitutional order and legal system, constitutional drafting and effective and meaningful consultation in the National Dialogue process;
• For the Syrian people to meaningfully determine the future of the country the National Dialogue must have an effective process for involving all groups and segments of Syria society. CSOs are critical to this. Ensure that CSOs are fully engaged and properly ressourced to assist with facilitating the engagement of all groups and segments in all peace building and reconstruction processes to ensure these are inclusive and meaningful, particularly in: (i) the National Dialogue process; (ii) all processes for the review of the constitution and the legal framework; and (iii) resolving problems on the ground that threaten to derail the peace process;
• Once the new constitutional order is established the TGB should prepare for and conduct free and fair multi-party elections for the new institutions and offices. Those elections should be internationally supervised;
• Government institutions and qualified staff should continue under the control of the TGB. They should perform according to human rights and professional standards and their leadership should inspire public confidence. No person guilty of gross violations or crimes must serve in any government institution;
• With international support the TGB should ensure that violence has permanently ceased, with completion of withdrawals, disarming, demobilization and reintegration of armed groups. Release of detainees and prisoners should progress rapidly. The legal process for prosecuting those who have committed gross violations and crimes should be established;
• The TGB should ensure that vulnerable groups are protected and humanitarian aid is reaching those in need. The TGB’s strategy for managing Syria’s transition from conflict and beginning the process of rebuilding Syria should prioritize supporting Syrian people to resettle, including returning from outside Syria. This support should include programs for housing, health, education and social and economic regeneration as well as psychological support and trauma programs to deal with the consequences of the conflict; and
• The TGB must agree a comprehensive package of transitional justice measures that includes accountability for acts committed during the conflict, compensation/reparation and rehabilitation for victims and steps towards national reconciliation and sustainable peace. National reconciliation and sustainable peace building must involve (i) all groups and segments; (ii) getting to the truth; and (iii) rebuilding relations between people, groups and segments.

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