On the 1st October 2013, the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria (CCSDS) issued the third edition of its monthly magazine, Suwar.

This month’s edition includes several of articles, investigations, pictures and interviews that highlight the civil work underway in the on-going Syrian crisis.
The edition explores transitional justice and the methods of its implementation in Syria as well as the peace process and its role in the Syrian revolution.

It also includes an interview with Professor Reem Al-Terkmani, the co-founder of the organization ‘Building the Syrian State’.  In the interview she discusses her interpretation of the Syrian crisis and her predictions for the political peace process and women’s role in it.

The edition also analyses the importance of regional communication in Syria and the need to provide aid to local councils who have been abadonned by the regime.
This is the third and final edition of the magazine in its trial period. All new editions will be subject to the newly established editorial practices.


To read the Third edition of Suwar magazine, please click on the following link :  Suwar Magazine

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