7. Besieged Areas 

• Stop the shelling immediately and introduce and enforce a credible sustained ceasefire. Pull all military concentrations back from population centers and withdraw all forces to barracks within specific contained areas. This should be followed by the final withdrawal of forces from the areas completely. The UN peacekeeping forces should monitor all containment of forces and eventual withdrawal of forces;
• Open humanitarian corridors and routes and provide protection and safeguards for the delivery of humanitarian aid such as food, medicines, supply of doctors and medical staff and other humanitarian support. Provide UN protection and oversight for the delivery of humanitarian assistance;
• Take all steps to meet the ongoing special health needs of those in besieged areas resulting from extreme ill health caused by lack of food and access to vaccines and other medicines and trauma; and
• Engage and consult with CSOs, including women’s and children’s CSOs, on meeting civilians’ protection, health and other needs and on monitoring violations and abuse.

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