1. Entering/Advocating at Track 1 Peace Negotiations.
The CCSDS goal in engaging in Track 1 Peace Negotiations is to have a sustainable peaceful solution to the conflict. CCSDS arrived at the conclusion that working for a political solution for peace was necessary because the military solution will not work. A political solution is inevitable at some point. A political negotiation holds the possibility of achieving the basis for justice, freedom and co-existence which a military solution cannot deliver.
CCSDS is not a political party or a warring party in the conflict. Nevertheless it does have a legitimate case to press for inclusion as a party at the Negotiating Table. This is based on:

    (i) its large team’s diverse representation of Syrian society which it uses as a valuable sounding board;
   (ii) its model of working that engages people in its work;
   (iii) its networking capacity and access to on-the-ground intelligence across Syria; and
   (iv) its positive work on exploring solutions to the conflict. CCSDS has demonstrated its willingness to work for the end of violence, the resolution of conflict and the accommodation (compromise) that is necessary to bring lasting peace.
CCSDS is neutral, impartial, non-partisan. It will make the case for entry to the Track 1 Negotiating Table as a neutral third party civil society organisation. It will not enter Track 1 under the sponsorship of either of the political sides in the conflict. CCSDS wants to assist the process and to advance its independent priorities and positions for peace and for Syria’s future which are based on listening to people. If entry is refused, CCSDS will engage at Track 1.5, engaging with Track 1 parties, the UN and international actors to advocate priorities and positions to inform the negotiations. A number of external governments are supporting a proposal for a parallel CSO process that interfaces with the negotiations.

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