The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria, Idlib office, has completed the second phase of the project “A Child’s Hug” targeting around 100 child in the town of Saraqeb.The children were taught to draw and use colors.  The trainers tried to support the children psychologically by keeping them in a normal healthy environment.  One of the rooms of the office was used for the activity.The project was announced by distributing flyers and through communication with the children’s parents personally. The activity was not only based in the office; there were two components, one inside the office and another outside it.  The psychological goal was to encourage the children to be more creative and innovative.Children were given art supplies and issues of of “Zaitoun and zaitouna” children’s magazine as gifts at the end of the activity.The second phase of the activity was conducted in three parts due to the town’s situation; being constantly under bomb shelling.  The activity focused on children from the town of Saraqeb, its countryside, and other children displaced from its surroundings.

The project was found to be positive and comforting for the children, their parents, and the groups and organizations currently active in Saraqeb.

The supervisor of the project said; “I, personally, felt comfortable; the children gave us great hope and love, and we were able to give them a physical and psychological hug by understanding their needs, reading their desires, and working on fulfilling them.”

The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria thanks everyone who participated in conducting the project.

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