The Syrian citizenry today stands paralyzed in the face of a chaotic in Syria, with all its competing political forces anddivergent intellectual streams (both peaceful and violent). They are unable to make sense of the current situation – a situation that remains under-studied and under-analyzed.

All that has been written about the current conflict is little more than shallow journalistic reporting about disjointed issues. Indeed, there is no critical analysis of the relationship between civil peace and the conflict’s causes and thus society is being propelled into the future with no end in sight.


The book, The Factors of Civil Peace and Civil War in Syria, recently issued by The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria (CCSDS, the Center) is an attempt to fill this gap. It explores the nature of civil peace and the necessary tools required to bring it about in Syria. This is done through observations of training sessions, interactive activities, and group discussions which have been conducted by the Center. The book was written by four Syrian researchers who are highly involved in the ongoing Syrian crisis and who were drawn from diverse backgrounds so to best represent a broad set of opinions from the wider Syrian community.

The book seeks to be primarily an opinion piece by the four authors rather than a rigorous scholastic work. Instead, it seeks to constructively dismantle the current situation in Syria and present an empathetic and highly subjective explanation of each component.

The Foundations and Components of Civil Peace:

The introduction of the book presents a set of conditions that are necessary to establish civil peace and maintain it in every society. These conditions include: conflict resolution through the processes of the law; good governance; freedom of speech; social justice; a balanced and free media; transitional justice; and criminalizing established discrimination. Through this, the community will be able to build civil peace and allow everyone to live and work in freedom while having their person, family and property protected from violation.

The book consists of four parts with each section containing a study by one of our four authors. The first part is a study by Muhammad Sami Alkaial and explores the factors of civil conflict and civil peace in Syria. The second section is a study by Nariman Amer under the title: ‘Syria: What Fuels Peace and Ends Violence’. The third part is a study by Baderkhan Ali entitled, ‘The Social and Political Conflict in Revolution and War’. The fourth and final section is by Muhammad Dibo:‘Sectarianism as a Factor of Civil Conflict’. Despite their collaboration, the authors do not share one unified vision of the Syrian conflict because of the differences in the analytical tools that they employ and personal interpretations of events and factors. Rejecting the older models of sectarianism, nationality and class, Alkail’s study focuses on the actions of activists and places emphasis

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