The 8696th Security Council meeting, the Syrian situation, was held on December 20, 2019.  

During the meeting Rajaa Altalli, Co-Director of the Center for Civil Society and Democracy, called on the Security Council members to work together and with Syrians to find a sustainable solution for Syria based on Security Council Resolution 2254. She stressed that the road map to end the Syrian tragedy must include ending all hostilities, including sexual and gender-based violence, improving the conditions of the IDPs and refugees, and supporting the arrival of humanitarian aid to them. She emphasized the need to form an independent international committee in cooperation with civil society to oversee the voluntary return of refugees safely. She also called for a gender sensitive committee to support the release of detainees and in providing follow-up care.

Other key points included the formation of an international working group to support the comprehensive political process including the Constitutional Committee,  the restructuring of security and military forces in accordance with human rights principles,  supporting an inclusive political process (all Syrians are represented and all parties are included) and an agreement that ensures accountability and transitional justice, that plans for sustainable development and reconstruction, and that guarantees human rights. The direct participation of Syrian women and civil society is crucial in all aspects.

EN- CCSD brief addressing the Security Council on December, 20th, 2019 - As delivered

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