Date of the letter: March 23, 2020
Dear Syrians, women and men,

CCSD is following with great concern the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic worldwide, and in the Middle East in particular, given the clear inability to contain the rapid spread of the virus and with no vaccine or treatment yet.

We are fully aware that an outbreak of the Coronavirus in Syria may affect the public health of millions of the Syrian Women and Men, especially those most vulnerable, including detainees, displaced persons, refugees, the elderly, pregnant women, and many Syrian Women and Men who suffer from critical health conditions or a deteriorating living situation.

The Center for Civil Society and Democracy is taking the initiative to fulfill its social responsibility towards the Syrian Women and Men by participating in containing the Coronavirus epidemic, mitigating its negative effects, and contributing to prevention and protection measures for all.

At CCSD, and in the context of increasing transparency, we would like the Syrian Women and Men to participate in some of the measures that we have taken to respond immediately and directly to the spread of the epidemic in the Middle East. These steps were announced on 13 March 2020 and are still in effect:

  • Complete transfer of CCSD’s work to the home, with the Center increasing its efficiency and activities via the Internet.
  • Halt all in-person activities, both internally and with local communities inside and outside Syria, and continue our programs and work via electronic platforms.
  • Launch a prevention and protection plan with members of CCSD, their families, our communities, and our local partners to ensure effective prevention and response to the epidemic.
  • Harness and adapt our programs and activities to respond to the prevention and mitigation of the epidemic.
  • Monitor the documentation of any COVID-19 cases in Syria and the precautionary measures undertaken by the various authorities, as well as the precautionary measures implemented for the Syrian Women and Men.

This societal responsibility to contain the epidemic will not be fulfilled without participation by all Syrian Women and Men. The Coronavirus epidemic will not stop at geographical borders, nor will it distinguish between Syrian Women and Men based on their national, religious, political, or gender affiliations.

At CCSD, we urge the Syrian Women and Men to:

– Undertake a participatory responsibility for responding to the outbreak of the epidemic, given the disease’s dire consequences that will inevitably affect everyone.

– Take the epidemic seriously, fully aware of the difficult conditions that we have experienced during the past nine years.

– Take preventive and protective measures at the personal and family level, in relation to the commitment to Quarantine and Home sterilization, so long as no treatment or vaccine for the disease has been found.

– Encourage the surrounding community to take the necessary preventive and protective measures.

We ultimately hope that this pandemic will pass with minimal impacts on Syrian Women and Men, and that this will be an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility and express solidarity for the Syrian Women and Men and for each other.

Finally, it is very important to review the WHO website in the Arabic language, especially its information regarding prevention and safety measures, and to follow any new developments regarding the epidemic here:

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, recommendations, comments, or questions. An email has been designated specifically for this purpose:

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