1- Training hall
CCSDS provides a special HALL for training purposes in programs and workshops organized by other organizations, this hall is characterized with wide space (4*8), and provided with all needed equipment: tables, chairs, projectors and training boards. The Center also provides all the logistic supplies like stationery, meals and water for those workshops, and that would be at the cafeteria located directly beside the hall where we have an employee dedicated for this purpose.
This service is provided through a pre-signed contract by both parties. This contract organizes the entire process and declares the purpose of the service, its details and proper compensation

2- Logistic support
The center staff has a diverse and huge experience regarding the required logistic supplies for organizing workshops including stationery, meals, receiving trainees and providing the required hotel reservations. The team is experienced at market prices and can provide necessary advice to organizations regarding the most appropriate stuff.
3- Coordinating workshops
CCSDS staff provides services in coordinating workshops, communicating with trainees and trainers, workshops’ schedules, in addition to expenses management and writing reports.
4- interpretation and translating training materials
CCSDS provides all the required services related to simultaneous interpretation from English to Arabic and vice versa, as well as ensuring the radio equipment needed for interpretation, and that is through an integrated team equipped with enough expertise.

5- Training and Consulting
Through his team, which has got significant experience in all civil society affairs, CCSDS provides training in:
•  Transitional Justice
•  Peace building
•  Negotiations
•  Organizational Development
•  Transparency
•  Psychological support
•  Strategic planning
•  Financial management
•  Running advocacy and community mobilization campaigns
•  Financial management
All what relates to financial management:
•    Grants management
•    Registering accounting transactions
•    The required reports for funders
•    Documentation of accounting operations
•    Human resources management
6- IT
Managing organizations’ networks, archiving and database building.

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