he paintings below express the war in which you see tanks and planes, and other expressing National Solidarity, many panels showed the flag of the Syrian revolution. Those are some of the perceptions of the Syrian children in Kilis camp, Turkey. The children painted their visions of Syria during the workshop hosted by the center of civil society and democracy in the kindergarten of Kilis camp in the 20th of last month. A hundred and fifty children between the ages of five to ten years participated in the workshop, under supervision of Rajaa Al-Tally and Hind Kabawt, Kadar Sheikhmous, Catherine Al-Tally and other activists from inside and outside the camp.

  The center had provided essential tools for drawing for children of participants in the workshop. Gifts and sweets were waiting for about six hundred children but that the method of distribution was marred by shortcomings in organizing since there was no mechanism to control access to the kindergarten where the workshop was held. The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria would like to express gratitude to the Syrian-American community from New England area, US and the Syrian-Canadian community in Toronto, Canada for their voluntary financial and material support which contributed significantly to the drawing workshop inside the camp. The Center also thanks the camp’s administration to facilitate logistics and organization, and also thanked the Syrian American Medical Society for securing approval to establish the drawing workshop.

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