Best Practice: Qualities/Criteria for CSO Negotiating Team in Peace Process and Peace Negotiations
Everyone can join the movement.
Reaching out to everyone.
From different political groups.
From other influences and sectors.
Negotiating Team:
1. Inclusive and representative: different political perspectives, sectors and religious groups and other differences are represented including grassroots.
2. Willingness to dialogue among delegation and seek to reach consensus.
3. Willingness to bring and explore ideas and solutions that can reach an accommodation for everyone from different perspectives.
4. Willingness to compromise to reach a common solution (win/win).
5. Commitment to maintaining the independence of the delegation from regime and opposition influence.
6. Negotiating team should comprise different skills: eg. drafters of positions/papers; legal framers; strategists; advocates; media skills; influencers of different parties to negotiations. It should include women and men.
7. Capacity to work on issues from the agendas of the regime and the opposition as well as on issues the delegation brings forward for the agenda.
8. Criteria for taking decisions on the content of proposals from opposition or regime as for offering amendments to these so that the views coming from the delegation can be seen to be non-partisan, independent and objectively justified.

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