Second update on developments in the field and its impact on civilians July 30th to August 12th, 2021

A grim milestone, 50 days under siege. This reporting period witnessed the tragic impact of the continuation of the siege on Daraa al-Balad and the surrounding areas. As military forces try to advance, from time to time, and spread out beyond the vicinity of the besieged areas this has led to the outbreak of clashes and the continuation of shelling with mortars and tanks. This poses a grave danger to the besieged civilians inside Daraa al-Balad and worsens the humanitarian situation at all levels. The provision of flour was completely cut off on August 6th, 2021 due to the complete prohibition of the entry of food and medical supplies into the besieged areas. Activists announced a general strike on August 7th, 2021, in which all regions of Daraa participated, closing all businesses, shops and roads in an effort to raise the alarm of the necessity of lifting the siege on Daraa al-Balad and denounce the deteriorating humanitarian reality.

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