Since its establishment in 2012, CCSD has contributed to building a stronger and more cohesive Syrian civil society by supporting organizations and individuals.
CCSD believes in non-violence as a means of achieving our goals and objectives. We believe that dialogue and respect for diversity is the optimum way to realize the aspirations of those we work for. Accordingly, we consider that democracy is the alternative to violence and is the best way to achieve justice, equality and freedom for all Syrians no matter their gender or religious /ethnic affiliation.
In order to promote cohesive and tolerant societies where justice and equality prevail, we seek to promote human rights, and make them the primary and main drivers of the communities where we work.
In our work, we adopt a human rights-based approach to women’s rights and gender equality, as we strongly believe that democracy cannot be achieved without equality and gender justice.

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CCSD receives support from governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals.

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