In partnership with Peaceful Change Initiative PCI, The Centre for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria CCSDS, concluded the first stage of the Peace Resources project in an international event in Switzerland that lasted for two days and attended by a number of international governments and organizations.
Geneva conference took place on 31st of March and gathered representatives of the British, USA, Dutch governments, The European Commission, representatives of UN, Human Rights Watch and Syrian Women Initiative, in addition to some track 2 organizations with CCSDS and PCI members. Along two days, the audience handled several issues and topics regarding the Syrian situation; how to deepen the concept of peace resources and the challenges facing the peace process as a whole, besides working on finding best ways to support peace in Syria.

The conference came out with a number of recommendations and results in the conclusion session, which are:
1- Increasing awareness among organizations, civil society actors and active political parties about the importance of the inclusivity element in the peace process.
2- Promote the participation of the grassroots level in decision making and facilitate all ways to achieve this.
3- Develop a consultative process between local peace resources and active civil society organizations and political parties, in order to reach unanimous agreement about the most important issues related to the peace process in Syria, for then to take participatory steps to implement those plans and items.
Those steps may create feedback loops between the grassroots level, represented by the peace resources and track 2, represented by civil society organizations and track 1 which includes international governments and parties along with the UN.
Transparency was present at this meeting through the realistic examples presented by the peace resources, and the challenges they are facing in order to achieve simplest forms of negotiations for local ceasefire.
By the end of the first stage of this process, preparation has started for the second complimentary stage, with more focus on going more broadly in the peace resources work; attracting more of those civil peace actors in local areas, increase the number discussion circles which gathers peace resources with citizens in order to transfer the national reconciliation experiences to people, and then linking peace resources in Syria with each other and with civil peace organizations for mutual work objectives, in addition to other projects in this field such as media campaigns and conferences.

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