Please act urgently to protect the people of Eastern Aleppo.

Syrian civilians remain weak in the political bargain between parties to and perpetrators of the Syrian conflict. Preliminary consultations suggest that Iranian militias (Hezbollah) have captured 800 people during the evacuation process today and they were terrified and all their possessions were suffocated even their shoes before they were put in buses and were returned to Ramuseh area( The area where people from Eastern Aleppo are gathered to be evacuated). The Russian Reconciliation Center announced that the evacuation of civilians has been stopped. Yet, those inside Eastern Aleppo have informed us that approximately 40,000 people are still besieged and need to be evacuated.


Please take action to:

1- Pressure all parties,–in particular, the Syrian regime, Russian government, and Iranian government—to implement a  ceasefire and proceed evacuating the besieged people.

2- Demand that all parties–in particular, the Syrian regime, Russian government, and Iranian government— allow international human rights organizations, international media outlets, and the UN to protect the evacuation process in Eastern Aleppo, and other areas which are not under the control of the regime.

3- Protest in front of Russian and Iranian embassies globally demanding an end to the bloodshed in Syria.

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