The Center for Civil Society and Democracy condemns the military campaign and massacres of civilians that the regime
 and its allies started around two months ago in Eastern Ghouta as well the use of excessive force including the use of barrels bombs in civilian areas. More than 100 deaths were registered on February 19, 2018 alone, among them 20 children, 15 women and many more wounded. Targeting bombing left five hospitals fell out of service and other medical services are filled with wounded people.
This systematic bombing by regime forces and its allies against civilians and medical facilities is a violation of International Humanitarian Law and the 4th Geneva Agreement regarding the protection of civilian people during time of war. The targeting of civilians and medical facilities has led to an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. This complicates the political process and obstructs reaching a sustainable peace in Syria.
The Center for Civil Society and Democracy urges the international community and the United Nations to face its moral responsibilities to stop military offensives in all Syria. The Center demands immediate ceasefires; calls for a lasting ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta and insists that political solutions and dialogue according to UN Resolution 2254 is the only way to sustainable peace in Syria.

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