The Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSDT) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization. CCSD seeks to build a stable and just society where peace and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms prevail.
Since being established in 2011, CCSD has worked to build a stronger, more pluralistic civil society by supporting organizations and individuals.
CCSD does not endorse violence or aggression in any form or as a means of achieving its goals and objectives. We believe that dialogue and respect for diversity is the optimum way to realize the aspirations of those we work for and with. Accordingly, we consider that democracy is the only alternative to violence and is the best option for achieving justice, equality, and freedom for all Syrian, no matter their gender or religious and ethnic affiliation.
In order to promote cohesive and tolerant societies where justice and equality prevail, we seek to promote human rights and to make them the primary and main drivers of the diverse societies which we target through our work.
In our work, we adopt a human rights-based approach to women’s rights and gender equality, as CCSD strongly believes that democracy cannot be achieved without equality and gender justice.

Position: Finance Officer

Location: Turkey – Gaziantep


The Centre for Civil Society and Democracy seeks for Finance Officer to be based in Turkey-Gaziantep.

Key responsibilities of this position will include management and oversight financial; financial reporting for donors; budget development and management; financial accounting and record keeping; and ensuring a high level of compliance, as well as transparency throughout all functions.
The Finance Officer will be the first point of contact for the headquarters staff in all daily finance- related questions and will effectively support all departments in their day-to-day operations.
We look forward to adding a detail oriented and thorough member to our team, who has the ability to take leadership on financial issues while maintaining a collaborative and communicative approach.



  • Develop and update financial and accounting policies to comply with donor requirements.
  • Enhance the financial guide to ensure the quality of work.
  • Ensure compliance with organizational policies and regulatory authorities.
  • Provide training and qualification to staff on new financial policies and procedures.
  • Alert management and department heads on financial issues and provide necessary clarifications.
  • Maintain and reconcile the organization’s accounts and produce monthly accounting reports.
  • Coordinate financial audits and liaise with external auditors to fulfill audit requirements.

Cash Management:

  • Collaborate with the cashier to monitor cash status and the organization’s cash needs.
  • Record and manage bank accounts.
  • Record and manage donor payments.
  • Establish processes to receive funds from banks when necessary.

Management and Planning Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with management to create program budgets.
  • Develop financial plans to meet the organization’s funding requirements and financial disbursement goals.
  • Administer and oversee all matters related to financial department employees.
  • Ensure timely payment of recurring expenses and periodically review expenses as necessary.


  • Create financial reports for donors and management.
  • Provide reports on the cash position of all bank accounts, along with explanations and responses regarding financial position and budget status.
  • Analyze forecasts and actual expenses from the previous month to assist managers in estimating costs.
  • Explain any significant discrepancies to management.
  • Ensure monthly bank reconciliations are completed for all office bank accounts.
  • Maintain well-organized files, readily available upon request.
  • Submit a monthly report to the direct manager detailing the accomplishments of the month.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in financial management or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Proficiency in QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Minimum of 3-to5 years of practical finance experience, including at least 2 years of financial management experience in non-profit organizations.
  • Good in English speaking, writing, and listening.
  • Proficiency in computer skills, including MS Office

Job Requirements:

  • Comprehensive understanding of current accounting and tax legislation and accepted best practice in Turkey.
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate and present financial data into management reports and statements.
  • Ability to develop and present operating budgets and cash flow forecast and analysis.
  • Ability to conduct comprehensive internal audits.
  • Excellent organization skills and be able to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work with sensitive and confidential information.
  • Ability to communicate and interact with others.
  • Time Management.
  • Patience and ability to work under pressure.

Application Form can be found here.

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