Background and Objective:

The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria (CCSDS) strives for a strong and independent civil society that enables all Syrians to participate in democracy, achieve sustainable peace, and enjoy their full rights and freedoms. We advance peace and justice in Syria. 

CCSDS is looking for professional and knowledgeable actors (an individual, a company, or an organization) to support the organization in four main projects: 

  1. Evaluate the achievements of the organization’s goals for the strategic plan 2022-2024. 
  2. Support the strategic plan design for 2023 – 2025 to include the M&E framework. 
  3. Run mid-term and final evaluations for two projects CCSDS conducts from 2023-2025. 
  4. Identify some learning opportunities within the organization to produce learning documents for internal and external use. 


The assignment starts in May 2024 and ends on October 30, 2025. The number of hours will be decided mutually. 


The assignment could be done entirely online, but it would be preferred to conduct interviews with stakeholders and participate in activities in Northern Syria. 

If you believe you are the right candidate for this assignment, send the letter of interest and the CV of the assignment manager to the following email: The assignment is open until the end of the day on May 15, 2024. CCSDS will contact the candidates who pass to the second stage, where we will share the terms of reference within three days of their submission and request a cost quote by May 20, 2024. 

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