Following a series of discussions concerning the methods of establishing dialogues amongst the Syrian people, the ‘Forum for Knowledge and Free Expression’ was established on Monday 23rd September in collaboration with the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria’s (CCSDS) Suwar magazine and Hounta.

The forum aims at fulfilling the growing need for places to hold discussions that attempt to establish better relationships amongst the Syrian people. It also aims at fostering the culture of debate and plurality necessary for the future of their country and the need for coexistence among its population.

The forum is structured into monthly discussion sessions that focus on the different issues concerning current affairs in Syria, how to better build a society based on acceptance, and the future form of the new Syrian state. The forum also highlights other concepts such as national identity; the constitution; parliamentary culture; the devolution of power; human rights; minorities’ rights; violence; and the armed conflict.

The first of these meetings was: (Syrians’ and Their Awareness of The ‘Others’). The meeting discussed how Syrian citizens used to view one another before March 2011 and how this changed through the peaceful movement and into the armed one. The forum hosted the following speakers: Professor Bakr Sidqi, Jamal Jamili and Mohammed Mallak. Many educated Syrian activists were also invited to attend the forum.


The event was broken down into three sections, divided between each speaker for them put forward their own opinions on the subject.  After each presentation the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and debate what had just been said.

The forum has received considerable amounts of attention from the media and we hope that this will allow our message to be broadcast to the largest audience possible.

It is worth mentioning that the starting point for the forum was what the Syrians call the 2000 ‘Damascus Spring’; however, the movement was suppressed by Bashar Al Assad’s regime shortly after it started.

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