The Center for Civil Society and Democracy, in cooperation with the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN), organized a five day psychological support workshop between 14 and 18 November 2014.
postTo begin the workshop, Anica, a specialist in psychological support training, introduced and expanded upon her research in the field. She then explained the concept of “trauma” and techniques which can be utilized to help those in need of psychological support, as well as for trauma survivors, especially in times of wars and crises. For instance, in addition to relaxation techniques, she also talked about the importance of internal and external resources in treatment and their ability to help trauma survivors adapt to reality. One of the workshop’s components focused on strategies to offer services, whether psychological or social, to refugees, including awareness-raising activities, giving them space to express themselves and actively listening to their stories of hardship.In addition to providing a space for families which have experienced trauma to talk about their experiences and receive psychological support, these workshops also allow us to recognize the symptoms of behavior problems in children and adolescents when they appear. In this way, we are able to diagnose and treat them optimally with the united efforts of specialists, parents, and teachers.Relatedly, the workshop addressed the cumulative psychological burdens borne by the support provider and proposed techniques for peer-support, or what is called “support the supporter” to mitigate the psychological damage he might be exposed to during his treatment of trauma survivors.



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