The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria in cooperation with the Euphrates Solidarity Association have run a course on digital protection and security for Syrian Activists living in Istanbul. It was under the supervision of Mr. Saman Seyda as head and also Mesud Perik. It addressed many topics such as passwords, encryption, viruses, safe browsing, how to restore deleted files, how to hide files and many other topics. The course lasted for four days, starting on 10.07.12 and ending on 13.07.12.

The course received positive evaluation although the absence of women was noted.

We would like to thank the Euphrates Solidarity Association for giving us the chance to run this course. We would similarly like to thank Mr. Saman Seyda for volunteering with us and for all those who have contributed to make this course such a success.

The two trainers ( Saman Seyda and Mesud Perik ) has prepared a summary on the main concepts that were taught in this course. To see this summary in Arabic, please follow this Link

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