The three towns of Saraqib, Abu al-Duhur and Maarrat al-Nu’maan in Idlib have been targeted in dozens of air strikes by the Syrian government and their Russian allies over the past few days,
with civilian areas frequently hit. In three days, the city of Saraqib was subjected to nearly 300 air strikes, an average of 100 per day. Vital facilities that civilians rely on to meet their basic needs are out of service as a result of the strikes, including a Civil Defense Center, a Blood Bank, the Odai Hospital (al-Ihsan), and West Saraqib Water Unit. Thousands of civilian residents and IDPs have been displaced from the city of Saraqib. The city was declared a ‘disaster area’ by the Saraqib local council.
The Center of Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD), while condemning the military policy of the Syrian government and its international allies, calls upon the United Nations, regional and international actors to shoulder their responsibilities to protect Syrian civilians wherever they are, prevent further escalation and pressure all parties to cease to involve civilians in the conflict.

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