Despite the grim and tragic circumstances that all Syrians are experiencing –including killings, arbitrary arrests and displacements– and despite our sadness at the loss of our colleagues and friends,
many Syrians are still striving for a country that respects human rights ​​and adopts democracy as a means for its citizens to participate effectively in managing their lives and future.
Seven years have passed since the establishment of the Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD). We continue to strengthen Syrian civil society, promote democracy, increase women’s participation in decision-making and advocate for the values ​​of freedom, justice and coexistence. After seven years, we would like to say that:

  • CCSD will remain committed to its nonviolent approach in defending the rights and demands of Syrians, as well as to our independence from all conflict and partisan parties. We will continue to only side with communities and human rights.
  • In pursuit of equality and justice, CCSD will remain committed to supporting Syrian women in order to increase the effectiveness of their leadership. Furthermore, CCSD will remain committed to supporting civil society organizations, civil leaders and free media to build a society based on pluralism, diversity and true partnership.
  • CCSD will remain committed to supporting the peace process in order to achieve a lasting and sustainable peace while also continuing to fight for the accountability of human rights violators and compensation to victims.
  • CCSD will remain an open space for anyone willing to offer creative ideas and contributions. We will continue to develop and engaging more diverse groups of Syrians within the framework of our strategic action plans that are open to all.

Ultimately, after seven years, we can only thank all of those who have contributed to the ongoing work of CCSD including volunteers, staff and members, who have put in so much energy and hard work. In addition, we would like to thank all those who supported and had faith in our work, especially our partners the I Am She Network, the Aman Network, and the Syrian Civic Platform, among others.

Finally, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all Syrian and international civil organizations that have sacrificed and worked hard to try to achieve justice and freedom for Syrians.

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