“From Noruz to Akito” is a media campaign that promotes co-existence by defining and focusing on the interlaced nature and common values of Syrian society. The campaign is carried out by a network of volunteers and members of the Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD), which is a part of the Aman network (a Syrian network of active organizations and individuals, that are working to build local and national peace in Syria.   The network seeks to accomplish these goals by promoting the following values: peace, freedom, humanity, credibility, transparency, acceptance of others, and justice.


Conflict resolution, avoidance and management are other key components of the network. Aman Network contributes to the building of national peace in Syria by enhancing local peace in different areas of the country). The campaign contains seven roadside billboards of 3×4 meters hanging in various areas of Qamshlo city (Osman Sabri Square Al-Shabab City rotor Alwehda Street Al-Salam Hospital Old Municipality Intersection Qamishlo Entrance, Entraa Rotor Semodis Al-Koatli Intersection Airport Intersection).  This is the first time that these advertising spaces, rented from the municipality, have been used for the purpose of spreading the messages of civil society organizations.

A small free guidebook is also distributed, as a part of the campaign, to attendees of public events as well as to people in the streets.  In addition, the campaign also includes four radio episodes from different radio stations to discuss the issue of co-existence within the themes of the campaign’s messages.  The messages focus on differences, co-existence, discussion, and acceptance of others. As a part of the overall campaign theme of unity and coexistence the billboards were written in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac. The messages are:

1- Maybe we don’t resemble each other, but we are more beautiful together.

2- We are all part of the whole.

3- I don’t see my face, you do.

4- Let’s draw what we like on walls separating us.

5- Let’s make the past a tool to build the future.

6- Help me to understand you.

7- Dialogue is a window to accept the other.

There are also several main ideas and messages in the campaign:

1- Discrimination based on race…etc.

2- Affiliation “Rights and Responsibilities”

3- Knowing the problem; showing the best of what you have.

4- Most of the conflicts are due to a problem in the past, but we should make our inability to accept each other previously a lesson in order to co-exist and build a brighter future.

5- Realizing that the problem should be resolved by participation, helping and understanding each other.

6- Dialogue; definition, advantages, purposes and objectives.

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