The humanitarian situation is worsening as the crisis continues in Syria, with the progression and expansion of the conflict and the entry of new areas to the cycle of violence. This has led to many innocent civilian and resident casualties in these areas. What is happening now contradicts the statements of all the armed forces which claim to defend the rights of Syrians throughout the entire national territory, regardless of their different affiliations and orientations.
The bombing and counter shelling with heavy weapons between the conflicting parties in populated civilian areas made these areas into targets controlled by those parties and this led to widespread casualties and the displacement of thousands within the country. It also led to mass immigration causing a quickly growing humanitarian crisis. The severe violations that the civilians are exposed to place the country before dreadful options that have serious negative consequences on the future of Syria and the whole region. Signs of such consequences appear in the growth of hatred and the increasing tendency toward revenge among all parties
With the continuation of daily events, and under moral and humanitarian pressure in response to the amount of civilian casualties, the protection of civilians and the prevention of additional casualties has become the duty of everyone, as they will bear the historical responsibility of the consequences. Thus, the signatories of the statement claim the following:
1. The commitment of all parties of conflict to their duties regarding humanitarian laws and according to the international conventions and religious teachings, regarding the protection of civilians and those who have nothing to do directly with the fighting, especially the personnel in the medical, relief and media fields.
2. All hostilities should be subject to strict safeguards in case they come close to populated areas.
3. To allow relief workers to provide humanitarian assistance and ensure their access to civilians in need.
4. The undersigned calls on all international organizations to assume their responsibilities in the stand against such acts and the urgency of lobbying to protect and keep civilians along with their safe areas away from the armed conflict.
5. Call upon the international community to put pressure on all conflicting parties to avoid civilian casualties and secure their protection. In addition, the international community should listen to the calls and warnings issued by local and international non-governmental organizations regarding to the many instances of civilian abuse.

The signed organization on the statement:

1-  Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria |CCSDS.
2-  Organization For Human Rights in Syria | MAF.
3-  Kurdish Committee for Human Rights | observer.
4-  Kurdish Organization for the Defense of Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD).
5-  Nowruz Center for revitalizing the civil society.
6-  Union of Syrian Kurds Journalists
7-  Sanad Association.
8-  Rooney association for women.
9-  Aso association for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
10-  Assyrian Human Rights Network.
11-  Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria for d h.
12-  Organization for the Defense of political prisoners in Syria | Rwankh.
13-  Etana press.
14-  The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
15-  The National Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
16-  Syrian Center for Human Rights.
17-  Assembly of the Free Syrian Lawyers.
18-  Civil assembly of the Free Syrian lawyers.
19-  Al Kawakby Organization for Human Rights.
20-  Syrian Center for Transitional Justice.
21-  Syrian Commission for Justice and accountability.
22-  Syria’s state citizenship.
23-  Free Syrian Women Organization.
24- National Unity Brigades.
25- Arrested and Missing Syrian Organization.
26- Dodaa newspaper and Suwayda Khaber Media Center.
27- Syrian Organization for emergency.
28- Syrian females gathered.
29- Free Youth Committee in the committees of the Kurdish Spring.
30- Sama Organization for Human Rights in Syria.
31- Alwasat Syrian party.
32- Youth for Freedom (central districts of Aleppo).
33- Women revolutionaries gathered in Zabadane.
34- The Pax Manifesto.
35- Alliance for Youth Movements.
36- BSV Minden.
37- Progressive Interfaith, Bangor.
38- Follow The Women USA.
39- Nuon Organization for peace-building.
40- Syrian Arab Red Hospital.
41- Al Sharq Center For Conciliation Arbitration domestic and international trade.
42- Kurdish Brotherhood Coordinating committee.
43- Citizenship Movement.
44- The Future of Young People Body and its branches in eastern rural Aleppo.
45- Civil Society Organization.

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Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria

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