The ninth edition of Suwar magazine addresses problems of minority and democracy. While western democracies and others succeeded in establishing values of social cooperation and understanding, this attempt failed in countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. The magazine published an analysis of the origins of these problems and their consequences, with a specific focus on the formation of their constitutions, coordination with among various factions, and the society’s identity and characteristics.

* Also related to the minority issue, the magazine conducted an interview with Karam Doleh, political bureau member of the Democratic Assyrian Democratic Organization in Syria in the article,“The Continuing violence in Syria could Uproot the Assyrian people from their Roots” . In the interview, Karam enumerated the reasons for the decline rate of the Syrian Christian community. He explains that this community participated in of all political activities since the Damascus Declaration but because of the continuous violence and the existence of un-democratic parties on both sides of the conflict were recently forced to abandon their roots and leave the region.




  • * Regarding radicalism and terrorism, the magazine reveals ISIS’s practices in Al-Raqaa city, or “the principality of Al-Raqaa” as ISIS) prefers to call it. Since taking over the Al-Raqaa, the Islamic State has covered the city in black flags and banners that call for adherence to teachings and principles of the Islam (according to the group’s radical perspective). The magazine also illustrated the current situation of women in the city and the areas under the group’s control and the transformation of these cities from examples of diversity and colorful life to the color black.* In the article entitled “Syrians Face anti-asylum sentiment in Turkey”, the magazine provides an objective study regarding the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey after monitoring several demonstrations against the Syrian presence in Turkey which first launched from the city of Gaziantep after a Syrian man was accused of assaulting a Turkish child.

    The magazine reflects on the situation of Syrians suffering inside Syria and their countries of asylum from which some of them are so desperately seeking a life that they board dangerous ships crossing international waters.

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