Discussion of  Life and Death in Syria

The recently published May 2014 issue of Suwar magazine includes two chapters that discuss the everyday death, economics and welfare in Syria. The topics, investigations and reports in this issue reflect the social and economic transformations that are accompanying the conflict in Syria.
The introduction reviews the presidential elections and its future implications amid a war of regional and international proportions.

The first chapter presents articles on the everyday death of civilians; cluster bombs have been killing and injuring dozens of people daily. Further, the chapter discusses the future impacts of cluster bombs, which are classified as a prohibited weapon. There are two additional articles on the subject of civilian death: “Assafira, the geography of the place killing its sons” and “Aleppo and living in the oblivion”.
The second chapter examines the economic situation and welfare in Syria. It includes three articles that observe the economic reality and its impact on people’s lives.

The articles presented in this chapter are: “Agriculture in Syria: unsurpassed reality and ambiguous future”; “Unemployed people roaming Idlib’s streets”; and “What is left from Aleppo’s industry?”
Suwar also interviewed Shadi Abolfakher, a civic activist. He uncovers the details of the ups-and-downs of the peaceful movement, and how political money and parties have been able to marginalize the Syrian people as a political actor.
Additionally, this issue includes an investigation about women in Kurdish areas in Syria: the violations she is exposed to and how those violations are being addressed by civil society organizations.
These features are in addition to the other articles and sections of diverse topics, information and photos.

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