The WAB was established in January 2016 in partnership with the United Nations and with the support of the United Nations Department of Political Affairs. It brings together women with diverse perspectives from different sides of the conflict, and ensures that women’s perspectives are taken into account at all stages of the political process and at key stages, especially during the peace and constitutional meetings in Geneva. It is a unique mechanism for having a diverse group of Syrians representing different political backgrounds negotiating together to resolve controversial and conflicting issues through all types of mediation practices.

Since its establishment, the WAB has included 20 Syrian women with diverse backgrounds and affiliations. They have shown commitment to engage in dialogue with all parties, support and advocate for women’s rights, and support efforts to achieve a political resolution based on SCR2254 that fulfills the aspirations of all Syrians, women and men.

The WAB has contributed to the content of the political process such as the Twelve Living Principles, the constitutional principles, and visioning different scenarios to the political solutions. In addition, the WAB contributed to the process itself through advocating in 2016 for a unified opposition delegation, and for women and civil society’s participation in the constitutional committee.

The Syrian Women’s Advisory Board helped to officially recognize women’s legitimacy to participate in shaping the future of their country and it provided a mechanism for women to participate in the political process.

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