The 13th edition of Suwar Magazine has been issued:

What’s required from “De Mestura” initiative

    • “Prostitutes and Captives… Women under the war and the militia’s authority control” file
      – Chapters from the stoning and honor crimes in Syria
      – Captivation… between reality and the World War and religion
    • A devastating statement against “terrorism”
    • The Civil Society organizations’ role in implementing laws and rules
    • A dialogue with the Syrian researcher and thinker “Jad Kareem Al-Jibaee”
    • Reading and writing in a dried out field and a chaotic reality
    • With firewood and worn-out clothes, the Syrian people are waiting for winter of this year.
    • Two thousand deaths in October… and a harsh winter season for children.
    • “Diseases and sickness invading the earth and the people, the collapse of the health system in Syria” file
      – Children’s paralysis and rash coming back again to Syria
      – Rampant Muscular Pain syndrome “Fibromyalgia”.

  • cover
  • The first signs of psychological fallout from the war against Syrians.
    -Too many illnesses affecting the Syrian people.. Pollution and poverty are their main cause.
  • Syria’s newborns in the refugee camps.. no official papers and an unknown future
  • Syrian labor in Istanbul
    An obvious exploitation and “fights” against the employers
  • Forced disappearance in Syria
    Between the Syrian law and the international laws
  • Animal protein in Syria and the suggested alternatives
  • The international guarantee for the investment.. the international company to guarantee the investment as a model
  • Malala Joseph Zee
  • The movie “Limbs” a new step on the road to admit the Arman’s slaughters
  • Projects and initiatives and organizations
  • To a new Syrian polar

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