The 14th edition of Suwar magazine has been issued, you can read in this edition:

  • ​Pointless ​meetings and the “continuous” conflict.
  • “Children refugees between orphanages and work markets” file
    -Education anguish and the generation of war
    -Child refugees
    -Child labor, begging and school abruption (dropping out)
    -Orphan refugees and going-back to school experience
  • The relationship between reason and magic
  • Moscow 1… the assassination of the revolution
  • (Suwar Magazine) meets the lawyer and the human rights Syrian worker “Anwar Al-Binni”
  • Al-Suwaida’a, between the two jaws of war
  • Zeina storm kills Syrians and cuts life-resources.
  • (Burning forests and dried out lakes… the war destroys the environmental diversity) file
    -Deir Ezzor… the threatened slums and lost horses
    -Lattakia’s forests have become a prey to the war-fire and are becoming firewood
    -War on Hama suburbs… destruction in the environment and the society
  • Limbless people in Syria… seasons of emphasized suffering
  • Torture in the Syrian regime slammers, between the international law and the Syrian law
  • Syrian economy Panorama in 2014
  • Similarity is hell itself
  • A reading in the novel “Unknowns” by the French writer (Patrick Modiano)
  • Razan Zeitouneh, from resisting the regime to a detainee inside the opposition’s prisons
  • “Leviathan”… about depression and criticizing power
  • Projects, initiatives and organizations
  • The homeland sports team’s T-shirt
  • cover

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