In a new form and a hot content, the 6th issue of Suwar Magazine (March, April/2014) was issued with a diversity of articles and files, as well as the page number reached 44 pages for this issue, it contains a bunch of topics, reports, investigations that sheds light on civil affairs and the Syrian situation.

In Suwar Magazine this month, two important files are dedicated; the first one is about Aleppo “Aleppo… the place, people and war” that includes three articles:

“Armenians amid the Syrian Crisis”

“Displaced People in Western Aleppo”

“The Crisis’s Brokers…The Future Rich in Aleppo”.

The other file entitled “The Woman in her Day….Edges of Waste Diaries” contains two articles:

“The Syrian Woman, and Postponed Freedoms at Revolution Time”

“Extracts about the Syrian Refugee Women”.

Besides the files, the 6th issue includes an investigation about oil in Deir Azzour province entitled “Oil Wars and Burners’ Fires in Dier Azzour”, which uncovers in numbers the amount of looting targeting this natural wealth by the armed brigades, and also the relations on interests between those groups and the regime.

In the Viewpoint section, one finds two articles: the first one is “Newroz and the Bets of the Regime and the Opposition” which talks about the Rivalry between the regime and the opposition regarding the Newroz event in order to attract the Kurdish component during the devastative conflict. The other article, “At the Presence of an Absent Negotiations” tries to shed the light on the concept of negotiations and the admission that should be precedent to this process in order to reach good results, and how to project such principles on the Syrian situation.

There is also an interview with the activist in the peaceful and feminine movement, Mayada Khalil, where she talks about the situation of the political movement, political money and the transformations of the revolution’s track besides the youth’s current situation amid what is happening in Syria.

This is in addition to, and just like previous issues, a number of reports, columns and the photo gallery.

To read the Sixth edition of Suwar magazine, please click on the following link :  Suwar Magazine

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