Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are sending this letter to proclaim our position on the forced return of refugees,
which is one of the most important issues for Syrians. There are roughly 5.6 million Syrian refugees who fled from different Syrian regions to neighboring countries alone, for fear of being subjected to oppression. They particularly fear the Syria’s Government forces and militias, which have not been deterred in using excessive force against areas beyond its control nor shown any regard for the international laws protecting civilians.

Since early 2018, and through local intermediaries affiliated with the Government of Syria (GoS), intensive discussions have begun on the return of refugees –with the support of some official and unofficial parties in multiple asylum countries. Furthermore, some regional and international parties and media outlets have begun to promote the notion that the war in Syria has ended, and that there are safe areas to which refugees must be returned. This is a very dangerous narrative, which pose serious risks to the lives of millions of Syrians.

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