• The magazine dealt in its eighth edition with the area’s crisis and the disasters it is passing through especially about the Syrian issue, which is controlling and affecting the International events sometimes because the Syrian crisis has made a seismic wave in the region and the whole world.


  • Regarding the Syrian issue, the magazine highlighted the suffering of the Syrian children concerning education in the time of war entitled (Education in the war time; Syrian Suffering in other standards) where education became under bombing and destruction unorganized and following the chaos’s law which is the only one in areas controlled by opposition. Despite the fact that several initiatives were done to provide education services in several areas but, it stayed far away from fulfilling the essential educational needs.


  • The magazine has discussed with the journalist Khoshman Kado, the creativity and cultural situation of the Kurdish interaction with the Arab so it is trying to answer a lot of question, which has been repeated during the crisis (where does the intellectual stand regarding the crisis? Is there any prospect for him to play a role among the increased political and military monopolies, which block the road –relatively or completely- for the individual’s creativity and tries to deactivate and curb the powers and experiences.

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