• The eleventh edition of Suwar sheds light on the Syrian theatre and art. This edition provides investigations into the current situation of Syrian theatre in the diaspora and the new documentary filmmaking and cinematography methods that have emerged in opposition to those imposed by the regime.

    * Regarding Syrian doctors, Suwar has discussed their situation and how they have been targeted by all parties and describes their difficult work conditions in the regime’s semi-destroyed hospitals and opposition-held areas. Unfortunately, the situation of doctors who are working outside Syria is not much better than the situation of their brothers inside who are facing legal obstacles in practicing their work.

    In the same context, Suwar discusses the severe suffering of cancer patients in the shadow of war and the lack of drug and equipment needed for treatment.

  • Suwar contains a discussion with Wael Al-Swah who articulates the concept of non-governmental organizations and their expanding role in in the conflict’s resolution.
  • Additionally, this edition contains field analytical studies on lessons learned from Kobani (Aen Al-Arab), the small border village characterized by its experience and symbolic value. Kobani has been suffering from war for three years now, but it has shown immense determination to persevere despite the odds.

    The last pages of the edition introduce number of human rights and international organizations.





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