The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria held its first round of online courses on the topics of Building Capacities (Strengthening self confidence) and Networking (developing and managing communications between people) . The course lasted six hours in total and were held in three separate sessions, each two hours long. ‘Building Capacities ’ was held over two sessions on the 22nd and 26th April 2012. The session on ‘Networking’ was held on 30th April 2012. Fifteen people from within Syria participated.Dr Yasir Abdul Fattah presented the course whilst two members of the center supervised them. The general feedback on the course was positive, especially concerning the performance of Dr Yasir. The course was well received by the participants. An acceptable proportion of the participants were female- between 25-30% in these sessions, however there were some technical problems due to the weak internet connection in Syria and there was also a certain lack in the interactions between Dr Yasir and the participants. The center is working seriously to increase the number of female participants and to improve the technical problems faced during the meetings. Finally all those at the Center for Civil society and Democracy would like offer heartfelt thanks to Dr Yasir Abdul Fattah for volunteering with us and chairing this round of courses.

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