On the 15th August, the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria (CCSDS) issued the first edition of its new magazine, Suwar.

It is a monthly magazine focused on civil affairs, freedom of speech, education, democracy and human rights.
The first issue included many debates, articles, and reports that explore democratic and civil issues.

Our contributors used various mediums to explore the current situation in Syria: pieces range from opinion articles to investigative reports and photo essays. By presenting a wide range of journalistic methods, the magazine hopes to analyze and present the crucial issues facing Syria today to the audience in an objective and professional way that is entirely independent of the sectarian divisions competing in the conflict today.

“The magazine seeks to focus on the intellectual and knowledge prospects and tries to present a kind of specialized education regarding civil affairs, freedom of speech and human rights which have been absent in what is called alternative media that is characterized by propaganda and news reporting ” says Piroz Perek, the head editor of the magazine.


Journalist Yasmine Merie, a member of the editing staff, also talked about the importance of this type of publication: “It is important at this stage to publish a magazine that cares about civil culture and raising awareness about these issues since Syrians have been absent from civil culture for so long They need something which helps them to reach a new social contract. And such concepts have been actually ignored in all the publications under the name of alternative media.”

To read the first issue of Suwar magazine, please click on the following link :  Suwar Magazine

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