The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria (CCSDS) has finished the fifth workshop of the “Women for the Future of Syria” program, which was titled: “Women and Security.” It took place from May 28th to June 1st 2013 in collaboration with Creative Organization. The training was conducted by qualified trainers with experience in the field of security and information security from the organization of peaceful change.

The workshop was attended by 18 women from different regions of Syria including the following provinces: Damascus, the suburbs of Damascus, Homs, Daraa, Idlib, Aleppo and Hasakah. It also included participants from different affiliations and cultures forming a beautiful painting composed of interconnected Syrian groups brought together by closeness and affection.

The workshop focused on several axes, including peace making and security in all the regions of Syria and also fostering Syrian women’s access to real participation in society in order to reach positions of leadership and ways for them to overcome difficulties to achieve this.

The trainers presented different tools to analyze the situation in various regions in Syria through a variety of activities and exercises designed to allow the participants to integrate and work as a team, and to find common features among the members of each group during each activity. The participants were also able to make preliminary plans for implementation in their areas in Syria in order to achieve security at the local level, even if it is only partial.

Moreover, this workshop was an opportunity for the participants to openly express themselves, discuss various concepts, and put forth their visions and opinions about the future of Syria and how to interact and participate to build Syrian society and the concepts of security and stability. One participant in the workshop from Qamishli mentioned that “security means stability, safety, and respect for human rights and the rule of law and justice in society.” The discussion also addressed the role of women in conflict and peacemaking, as well as their role in work and psychological support for their families, children and society.

The workshop tackled problems faced by women in times of war and conflict and ways to solve them and take preventive actions. Some examples of these problems are: rape, harassment, detention, matters of honor and laws that need to be modified in the field of women’s rights. Many examples were given of women who have overcome the problems and difficulties they have suffered and also of those who have been able to reach leadership positions in their communities and country.


The fifth day of the workshop was devoted to training and discussion about the importance of information security and how to protect electronic accounts from infiltration, and the importance of this topic in the field of personal security. At the end of the workshop, communication devices were distributed to all participants to help them achieve practical steps on the ground and contribute to building the future of Syria through communication with one another, the Center, and various other groups.


At the end of the workshop, the participants gave their opinions about the training and work they took part in. Their views were mostly consistent about the workshop and the steps that must be carried out after the workshop. One of the trainees from Aleppo said that she felt the spirit of teamwork inside and outside the workshop and gained more skills to accept other views, despite the differences in views.


Another trainee from Rakka mentioned her view that “it is possible for any person to be effective, as we have the expertise and significant human resources that can be relied upon to build Syria’s future.”

The session was concluded by thanking the Center and the successful workshop by the participants as well as thanking the supporters for their efforts. The conclusion also included recommendations for educating women to claim their rights and find active roles in power and decision-making positions, and for the involvement of women in negotiations at all stages of the political process to save what remains of Syria and build a better future for all. It also stressed the importance of access to the electoral process and benefit from the experiences of other countries to reach a safe and healthy society and achieve the best possible future for Syria.

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