On the 15th September 2013, The Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria published the second edition of Suwar Magazine. The new issue contained a new format and took on a distinctive new direction.

The new issue includes comment pieces, investigative surveys, reports and photo essays all related to civil rights. In doing so, the magazine treads between both public and civil issues in regard to Syrian state-building.

The magazine also features an interview with the contemporary philosopher Khaldun Alnabwani which focusses on the concept of democracy. It also features his article: ‘Signals about The Future of Democracy in Syria’.

Two new investigations are also included. The first is about the crisis of medication in the Jazeera region while the second is about the training and development of female activists in Syria.

You can also find much more inside; including an update of the center’s activities and a list of useful internet sites.


To read the Second edition of Suwar magazine, please click on the following link :  Suwar Magazine

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