In 9/12/2015 the Syrian Transparency Network was launched.

It is a voluntary network consists of interactive individuals regarding transparency , anti-corruption , accountability and setting the basis of good

governance.This was in concurrent with the International Day of Anti-corruption.

This network is run by activists specialized in this domain and membership is available for everyone.

This network works on opening widely internal communication channels inside the institute , as well as external between the Syrian institutions and their surrounding , targeted people , donors, partners and people concerned for the purpose of promoting the internal and external transparency for those

transparency, and limiting corruption and decreasing it to the utmost.

This network uses many mechanics to achieve this goal

Training Workshops
Raising awareness campaigns
Researches and Studies
Discussion Forums

In addition, this network has a website for reporting corruption incidents , accountability . integrity and transparency stories in all over Syria as well the

network’s facebook page.

Report site

Facebook Page

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