* In this issue, the magazine of the current Syrian economy and sheds light on the regime’s policies regarding the war which has now been ongoing for more than three years. The magazine explains the series of decisions and governmental actions issued by the regime in its financing of the war and reflects on the depth of the economic crisis in Syria and neighboring countries which have been affected by the crisis

* The magazine also includes a study entitled “Beyond the Syrian War” about black Mmarket oil smuggling and arms trafficking, which has united opposing groups, as well as provides a research and analysis of how the destruction of war affects the Syrian textile industry.

* In this edition’s discussion section, the magazine interviews the writer and academic Yousef Salama, Professor of Contemporary Western Philosophy at Damascus University, where he proposes his conclusion that it is opposition’s duty to propose realistic solutions to the Sy rian conflicts, even if these solutions lead to a kind of federalism.

* The magazine also addressed Aleppo’s situation and threats to its identity, as well as the situation in Damascus, where some areas are suffering from siege others are struggling to survive.

* In another article entitled, “Unexpected Results of the Syrian Crisis” the magazine sheds light on the need for prosthetics for one million Syrians

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  • The magazine addressed also Aleppo’s situation and threats facing it for losing its identity and Damascus’s situation where some areas are suffering from siege whereas other towns are struggling to survive.
  •  Moreover, under the title (Un Expected Results for the Syrian Crisis) the magazine sheds light on the need of one million Syrian for prosthetics.

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