The participation of citizens in governance is the basis of any democratic system that gives its citizens, along with their rights and participation a high degree of respect. Therefore, the equal participation of citizens in the management of their country and the selection of their representatives, whether at the local or national level, is considered to be a priority for us. The Citizenship Program was launched in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), in 2014, and it still continue to the present day.

Our Methods

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are a key part of the movement of people trying to achieve change. Over the past few decades, CSOs have been at the forefront of social movements aimed at improving people’s lives. And Syrian civil society has flourished through the establishment of organizations and networks by pro-democracy activists. These organizations and networks have presenting a model of the required local governance, independent media, human rights monitoring, social services and humanitarian assistance. But these emerging groups are facing a number of challenges, apart from the deteriorating security situation in many areas.
This program addresses the challenges faced by organizations by providing training on capacity building, and coaching them while implementing their plans to enhance their organizational stability and transparency. In addition, the program supports CSOs in their projects that will have an impact on preventing or resolving conflicts, forming networks based on cooperation, dialogue and mutual support, as well as developing a common understanding of how to advocate for the effective inclusion of civil society in any emerging transitional phase.

Strategic Goals

  • Development and training of CSOs through a targeted strategy and mechanisms.
  • Provide consultancy and advice based on our experience and expertise in civil work and organizational development, and logistical support to the emerging Syrian organizations
  • Increase networking and coordination among CSOs in order to create a common vision that will allow them to participate in the political, social and economic development process in Syria and to seek a forum for Syrian civil society organizations.
  • Provide small grants to ensure the sustainability of organizations’ work and institutional structure.

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