Our Conflict Resolution program is designed to lay the foundation for effective community participation in the peace process, and to resolve and prevent conflicts at the local and national levels, which may arise as a result of existing conflicts and tensions. The program is divided into three interrelated phases:

1. Identifying peace resources in Syria and neighboring countries. We have identified peace resources in the following ways:
• People who have the legitimacy to represent their communities.
• Existing processes and relationships that support dialogue across conflicting societies.
• Processes and relationships that enable the exchange of information and experiences between grassroot communities and those who participate in political dialogue on the future of Syria at the national and international level.
2. Develop peace resources and build working relationships between legitimate representatives of society.
3. Develop a common agenda to support dialogue on tracks II & III and try to foster cooperation among appropriate actors involved in conflict resolution in order to analyze and plan for better support for peace resources in tracks II & III.

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