Perhaps the most pressing subject among the Syrian people, whatever their background, is the current direction of the Syrian crisis and what may happen next. Syrians have been discussing several scenarios lately regarding the end of the crisis and how this will come to be. However, it is the death and misery caused by the conflict that is still at the front of people’s mind. Even above Geneva II, which many consider to be a lame duck for many reasons. As such, finding a solution for Syria remains the utmost priority and stopping the bloodshed is the ultimate goal.Our determination to participate in the negotiation process is derived from the absence of any workable solutions.

And there are even no signs for a military solution. This is in addition to the inability of the international community to stop the bloodshed along with the inability of the international and humanitarian organizations, especially the United Nations, to tackle the humanitarian disaster that worsens day by day.For these reason, we, the CCSDS, see that there is no way forward other than to participate in these negotiations. By participating we hope to ensure that we put an end to the tragedy of the Syrian people and establish a democratic Syria for all Syrians through a peace process which achieves freedom, justice and coexistence according to all the values we share.
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